The gastronomic adventure starts in 1997. Ever since, it has been an atrraction site not only to the people of Patras, but also to all good food lovers.

Situated in one of the most picturesque locations of Patras, that gives you the feeling of being on vacations on a Greek island, you will find this restaurant of special concept. Our aim is to pleasantly surprise you every time, both with our dishes and our magnificent view.

Our typical feature is the balance between atmospheric, family, modern and at the same time friendly environment.

Delicious races between appetisers, side dishes and main courses that Mrs Nikolopolou cares for with great enthusiasm.

From 10.00 in the morning till late midnight, a variety of appetisers, fresh fish, ready-made dishes, veterian dishes and pasta begin their journey from the kitchen-basis, with one main criterion: Greece and the Mediterranean. Their destination and taste judges are all you good food lovers around the world...

Our high quality and service are hard to meet even in big cities. The strong tamperament that we carry often leads to imitations, fake ones...

The presence of local wines is distrinct in our wine list, which grows longer with representatives and varieties from all over Greece.

More about this recipe -PEINAKOTHIKI- we cannot reveal! Yoy will find us however, eager to serve you in an everyday outing, as well as in scheduled events, such as festivities, baptisms, business dinners and many other happenings.